Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

For 18 years of my life, I did outdoor excursions every summer, lasting ten to twelve days … yet each representing a lifetime in themselves. These trips were throughout the Northeast US, and always involved canoeing (often whitewater). They played a direct role in developing my self-confidence, many of my skills, my philosophy … in short they helped shape the man I am today. I literally took hundreds of pictures from the trips, many not even in digital format yet. Here are a few that somewhat represent these trips, and will forever define summer for me:


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  1. The good thing about summer is that it is a season when we are in touch with nature more than usually. It is what makes it special to me. Judging from your photos, you had some great ones 🙂

    • Actually been desperately in need to do something like those trips again. They had a ways of refreshing the spirit that only truly leaving the trappings if civilization behind can achieve. I miss that!

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