Some reflections

A window

A mirror

A bar

A river

0 thoughts on “Some reflections

  1. Reflections

    Blue and white and shades of gold
    Without depth and no beginning-
    Crystal light shining bright
    L refraining-
    Low now
    Darting shadows between the hue,
    A look around to catch its mate-
    But both are gone beneath the blue.

    • I was thinking that a suitable collection of words would go good with this post, but could not seem to come up with anything on my own. You seem to have done the job fr me. And a nice collection of words indeed! Thank you!

      • That poem was written while I was having a morning cup of coffee I happen to look up at the stainless steel wall behind the counter and that’s what I saw , glad you liked it, photos were great.

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