Reflections of China

I have many blogs, most of which are going to kind of get shelved as I begin an adventure to hike the Appalachian Trail in a couple of weeks. Anyone in actually interested in following that journey can do so at A Tail of a Trail. Since I am a photography junkie, I am adjusting my packing in what some would consider insane ways to ensure I can bring decent camera equipment along. Therefore I will no doubt still post here, preferable the pictures I might be able to loosely call good. I was not sure I was going to do this, but it seems a waste not to. Since I have not posted in a while (haven’t actually pulled out the camera in a while either), I decided to pull this one from the archives. It was inspired by my need to share some of my “art”, the fact that I was watching a Jackie Chan movie, my wander lust and desire to get my adventure going, and a bit of nostalgia …


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