Friends and Seasonal Change

Whether you believe in Climate Change or not (personally I have no doubt of its reality), it is pretty clear to anyone paying attention that recent weather patterns are definitely NOT par for the course. The seasons of late seem much less well-defined. I grew up in New England, which has always had the reputation of unstable weather, but at least we could tell what season we were in. These days it is winter one day and summer the next.

Because of this, and my own distemper of late, I am much less in touch with nature than I usually am, which reflects in my willingness to take PHOTOS of it. I have not been compelled to go on regular outings with my camera, as usually happens at this time of year. But that does not mean I have not taken ANY pictures. Here is a fairly random collection of recent photos I HAVE taken to welcome the seeming coming of summer.

Feedback is always welcome!