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I am just an ordinary guy who occasionally catches a glimpse of the extraordinary. Sometimes I am able to express my glimpses in words. Sometimes in photos. If you wish to get a bit of who I am, visit A man called Kramer. But the best way to understand my view of the world (if in fact you are interested in my view of the world) is by reading what I write and viewing my photographs. The photographs will appear here if I am a good boy. For the brave among you who are not afraid of a good rant or to be challenged by odd thoughts, you might like to take a peek at The odd ramblings of a mind that does not quite fit. Or if you are up for a little bit of humor, maybe try The Ninja Cat Journals. If you are interested in other projects I am involved in, please visit Learning The Way. This site is pretty much where I gather all my dreams in one spot.

For those who prefer the power of photography, I hope I manage to occasionally share the beauty I find in the world with what I share here. Enjoy! If any suit your fancy enough, it is possible to buy them for your hanging pleasure. And feedback is always welcome!!