A few changes…

digital downloads

It’s been a while since I posted here, partly because I have been working on the site as a whole. If you have visited here before, you may notice quite a few changes (hopefully improvements). If you are new here, than I hope you enjoy! This pic is basically one I took with the phone for a new product type (yes I do try to sell things here haha). I kind of liked the pic though so I am sharing it here, along with an update on what’s going on. I also realized with this new mega site, there is plenty of places for viewing the photos, so there is no reason I can’t put a few words in the blog too. Maybe a little explanation of what is going on, or some photography trick I have learned along the way. Or maybe nobody wants words and I’ll stick with pics. Either way, the site grows, along with my learning curve!

Feedback is always welcome!